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From Virginia Beach, VA. I began DJ'ing in Charlottesville VA. I'm an open format DJ so I will play whatever you want to hear depending on your event. I tend to focus on a blend of Hip Hop, Dance, and House music to form my personal style.  I also play professional baseball in the St. Louis Cardinals system.  

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110+ Headlines 
Headlined 110+ shows on the East Coast across 20 different venues.


Trinity Irish Pub 2014-2016
Chemistry (Oceanfront) 2019-Current

Charlottesville, VA
The Jefferson Theatre 
Trinity Irish Pub
Boylan Heights
Cafe Catura
UVA Sammy
UVA Phi Society
UVA St. Elmo Hall
UVA Phi Kappa Psi
UVA Pi Kappa Alpha
UVA Sigma Kappa
UVA Kappa Sigma
UVA Theta Delta Chi
UVA Zeta Psi
The Covenant School

Virginia Beach, VA 
Chemistry (Oceanfront)

Norfolk, VA
The Back
Scotty Quixx

Fredricksburg, VA
The Silk Mill (Wedding)

Springfield, MO

Harrisonburg, VA
865 Port Republic 

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